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Who am I?
~ in 2017 I moved to India, where I was silent and meditated for 10 days, after which I decided that photography was my calling

~ in 2019 I moved from Samara to St. Petersburg to study with the master of contemporary photography Alexander Medvedev

~ during the day I worked in the largest rental of photo and video equipment, and at night I, like a superhero, fought with bad content, making good)

~I took a business portrait for a lawyer, turning him into a criminal, I turned a coach into Ichthyander, and a business coach into a blacksmith)

~ in 2020 I went to Europe with $500, I made a portfolio in Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Malta

~ I met on the street, photographed passers-by and found 3 working strategies to earn 1000€ on a photo in Europe

~I took a modern portrait of Van Gogh, for this I convinced a vegan lawyer from Amsterdam to take a picture for the first time in his life and smoke weed from a coffee shop. Everything was created only for the sake of art!

~ I did a photo shoot for an investor for 10000$ budget

Photo and video projects
Below you can find information about the largest and most interesting photo/video projects for 2021–2022
Movie portrait "HairFcker"
An artistic, staged video clip from an interview that will tell about the idea of your business better than a thousand posts on social networks
Image motivational video for "ZELЪEVAR"
The manufacturer of dietary supplements asked us to create a motivational image video.

We proposed to show not only the product itself and its effect on the body, but also to film a story about 3 real champions, about their path and achievements
"Renaissance in Dentistry"
Dental clinic "Biodent" turned to me for unusual portraits of employees.

I suggested that I take 12 photographs in the style of Renaissance paintings, while modernizing them a bit.
I proposed to the St. Petersburg brand of women's clothing "Helgen" to implement a photo project in which dresses will be advertised not by beautiful girls as usual, but by brutal men. And this is what came out of it...
"Invest or die!"
Investor and blogger Vladimir Sushkov asked me to create unusual photos and videos for the packaging of his Instagram and YouTube pages.

The project included 2 days of filming in Moscow with a budget of more than 10000$
"Episode 31"
The first, personal, on-line exhibition
photos of Anton Usanov

Photo show all over the world!
A new format for the work of a photographer at events. Instead of boring reports I suggest staged art photos with show elements.
We live in the 21st century. this is the time of visual information and the attention economy. We all know the phrase: "If you are not on the Internet, then you are not at all." but now I would say: "If you do not stand out, then you are not on the Internet."

Anton Usanov
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